Resume and Skills

High School

After two years at Judge Memorial Catholic High School, another at Skyline High School, and a final senior year at West High School, I graduated with both an Honors Diploma and an International Baccalaureate Diploma. Although one high school experience tends to be more than enough for most people, I continued to move around the city in search of the best academics in the area, and I found new friends, an array of rewarding experiences, and a unique perspective on life along the way.

During this time, I served as a four-year member of the National Honor Society, attended an advanced chemistry course at the University of Utah, and captained both the Skyline and West High lacrosse teams, as well as the West High swim team.


In the fall of 2011, I started my collegiate career at the University of Washington. After exploring a variety of options, from business and quantitative science to engineering and architecture, and after taking a year off to gain in-state residency, I finally chose to pursue a career in journalism. In June of 2016, I received my Bachelor of Arts, and I continue to use my education now in the way I write, work, and view the world.

Over my years at UW, I made the Dean’s List multiple times, maintained a 3.5 GPA,  was featured in the Kaplan Quarterly for excellence in narrative writing, served as a member of the executive board and the head of social committee for my fraternity, and worked at least 20 hours a week at a variety of jobs.

Work History & Internships

Alongside my academics and work, I also excelled in a number of internship programs over the last few years, and I have worked as a staff assistant for Roland and Associates, a photo intern for The Seattle Weekly, a public relations intern for Resource Media, and a news producer for University of Washington’s student-driven video news channel, The Daily Double Shot.

In each of these positions, I added a new layer to my education and expanded on the skills I was developing in the classroom.

At Rolands and Associates, I worked with a variety of departments on a number of separate projects including the editing of two 400+ page training manuals and the creation of two 45-minute video presentations to illustrate the uses of Rolands’ proprietary JTLS software.

At The Seattle Weekly, I took photos of events and people all over the city, pitched stories, wrote articles, completed photo essays, and also supplemented the articles of other staff writers with engaging visuals. My work has been shared thousands of times, made the cover of the weekly print edition, and even taken the centerfold space in the annual “Best of Seattle” edition. Although my internship with The Seattle Weekly has ended, I continue to do freelance photo work for the publication when possible.

At Resource Media, I got my first taste of the public relations industry and made great impressions on both my superiors and company clients. Over my three months, I successfully grew the social media following of two clients, ghost-wrote multiple articles which ran in local newspapers, and also assisted with day-to-day administrative tasks – e.g. summarizing articles, keeping tabs on current events, editing reports, making slideshows, etc.

At The Daily Double Shot, I furthered my skills in journalism by developing a knack for video storytelling. As a video producer, I brainstormed and executed story pitches on topics of all assortments ranging from sports and profiles to protests and food reviews. In addition to developing a working knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, I spread The Double Shot’s creative content across a number of social media platforms, gathered more than 15,000 views, and created some of the publication’s most popular videos.


As an ambitious and creative person, it is my goal to continue telling the stories of the world around me in any way that I can.

From the glamor of The New York Times and the flare of the Hollywood cinema to my handwritten journal at the subway station, I’ll tell it all so long as I can be part of a world where imagination never stands still.

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