I am a great storyteller.

It is easy to tell a good story. An introduction weaves into a climax and blossoms into a resolution.

Telling a great story, however, demands much more. It requires a talent for turning observations into conclusions, a relentless passion to continuously learn, and a fearless curiosity to find the heart of the subject matter. It requires actively exploring and engaging in the questions of our existence. A great storyteller needs an even better capacity to live.

As an author and journalist, it is my personal mission to bring these principles to each story I tell no matter how big or how small. From formal business writing and simple social media posts to creative narratives and the message within a handshake, I specialize in an array of communication strategies and am skilled in constructing meaningful content using a variety of mediums.

In every position I have taken — student, writer, photographer, editor, videographer, social media manager, sushi server (to name just a few) — I have always created excellence by treating success as a byproduct rather than a goal. As a result, my work has garnered hundreds of thousands of views, been featured on the cover of The Seattle Weekly, sparked discussions, and built a reputation that I am proud to own.

Yet beyond my personal achievements and performance metrics, I take the most pride in the relationships I’ve built with the people I’ve been surrounded by. Each workplace has given me a new cast of characters, new skills to develop, new challenges to overcome, and, bittersweet as they may be, new endings.

While it is easy to tell a good story, telling a great one demands much more. It requires a mission, a variety of skills and experiences, and a relationship with the world at large. And although great storytelling is daunting in its demand for an even better capacity to live, it is equally rewarding in its ability to share that capacity with others.

So if you’re you’re looking for someone like me then feel free to make an introduction.

Let’s build a great story together.


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