Faces of Citizenship: People We Met at the July 4th Naturalization Ceremony

The 30th annual naturalization ceremony took place Saturday, July 4th at Seattle Center’s Fisher Pavilion.

We were there and asked some of Seattle’s newest citizens what the process was like, and what they’d like to do now that they have citizenship.

 photo Maria Rivas_zpsgghnzpy4.jpg
Maria Rivas
Country of Origin: El Salvador
Seattle Weekly: What are you most excited for?
Rivas: To vote! It decides who represents us.

 photo Charles Ngumbu_zpsoudzmg1j.jpg

John Karbo
Country of Origin: Sierra Leone
SW: What was the hardest part of becoming a citizen?
Karbo: It’s a long process, but I thank god that it is over. It’s just a lot of work.

 photo Constanza Palma Gonzalez_zpsumvs58oz.jpg

Constanza Palma Gonzalez
Country of Origin: Columbia
SW: What are you most excited for?
Gonzalez: I now have all the rights and the obligations of an American citizen. I wish that I can do something worthy of praise for this country.

 photo Magda Zhou_zpszjhhrjgf.jpg

Magda Zhou
Country of Origin: Romania
SW: What made you want to come here?
Zhou: For American dreams. For a better future for family.

 photo Delio Lamom_zpsmmyd7l0l.jpg

Delio Lamom
Country of Origin: Philippines
SW: Why did you want to come to America?
Lamom: I want to work and have an opportunity, and have greener pastures. I want to vote.





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